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Water use and water quality, both surface or underground, are regulated by several government directives and statutes to protect and improve water resources.  The Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) program seeks to improve water quality through limitations on land uses in the drainage and can affect permitting for new uses as well.

 ERG hydrologists and hydrogeologists have experience in:

  • Water rights
  • Steam geomorphology, restoration, monitoring, and stabilization
  • Fisheries habitat
  • Petroleum contaminated groundwater
  • TMDL development and compliance
  • Stormwater plans
  • Design and permitting of private ponds
  • Sediment delivery modeling
  • Road design and construction practices
  • Steam bank stabilization
  • NEPA and MEPA water resources assessments
  • Irrigation system design


U.S. Highway 95 Construction Environmental Compliance
Henrietta Peaker Project