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Geologic information is a key component of most environmental and natural-resource related investigations. ERG’s multi-disiplinary staff of geologists, environmental engineers, and technicians use their experience and education to provide innovative solutions to geologic and hydrogeologic problems. We provide expertise and knowledge in a variety of areas including:

  • Environmental assessments and site characterization
  • Geologic mapping and GIS analysis for land use and resource planning
  • Groundwater monitoring and water quality assessments
  • Geologic hazards investigations (landslides, slope stability)
  • Evaluation of subsurface geologic conditions
  • Hydrogeologic investigations for water resource identification
  • Technical review and analysis of geologic information for planning and policy decisions



Big Dry Creek, Little Dry Creek, and Bullwhacker-Dog Watershed TMDL Watershed Study
Baxter Environmental Assessment, Exploratory Gas Wells