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Bureau of Indian Affairs

Pine Ridge Indian Tribe Reservation, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and Fort Berthold Indian Reservation Range Inventory and Similarity Index Survey

  • ERG conducted ecological site and similarity index surveys for tribal lands on three Indian Reservations in the Dakotas.
  • Field mapped water developments, noxious weeds, and prairie dog towns using Garmin GPS and managed very large Excel database customized to link to GIS data.
  • Designed and printed field maps for over 2 million acres (over 1500 maps printed in-house).
  • Created master map layout, geoprocessed data, and organized layers for a series of 800 different map designs.
  • Deliverable maps included an atlas for each Reservation depicting field mapped data overlain on base layers at a scale of one inch to the mile. 
  • Custom field maps included an orthophoto background, soils and ecological site polygons, range unit boundaries, latitude/longitude navigational marks, and many layers to aid in field navigation such as roads, lakes, and streams.  
  • Surveyed up to 10,000 acres per day.