With expertise in the fields of environmental science and policy, Ecosystem Research Group (ERG) provides its clients with high-quality services for inventories, analysis, restoration, planning, management, and monitoring of landscapes and ecosystems.

ERG prides itself on completing high-quality documents and analyses on time and within budget. We believe the proper management and characterization of the physical and social environments will promote the maintenance and restoration of healthy ecosystems.



inventories, analysis, restoration, planning, management, and monitoring of landscapes and ecosystems

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “ERG staff has displayed great knowledge and expertise in federal agency policies, procedures and processes.  They have produced top quality work in technical analyses and policy review documents for us.”

    – Joel Bousman

    Sublette County, Wyoming
  • “ERG came highly recommended for this project from other area Counties and agencies.  Mr. Gregory Kennett and his Staff provided excellent analysis, field studies, research and documentation to support Campbell County with our participation on the Draft Resource Management Plan.”

    – Matthew Avery

    Campbell County, Wyoming
  • “Your expertise and dedication have helped to develop market-driven agribusiness systems that generate economic growth and alleviate poverty.”

    – Tom Verdoorn
    Senior Vice President

    Land O’Lake International Development – Shoreview, Minnesota
  • “The guidance provided by ERG has provided an excellent example of ranching and ecology working in partnership to preserve and protect fragile ecological areas.”

    – Scott Ozmun

    Lolo Trail Ranch and Crescent Cardboard Company
  • “ERG’s grasp of best management practices and best available science in regards to livestock grazing on forested lands is the best I’ve seen.”

    – Jack Cobb

    Little Snake River Conservation District – Wyoming
  • “The level of activity and the around the clock effort put out by ERG was exceptional.”


    – Ralph Brokaw

    Medicine Bow Conservation District – Wyoming
  • “…you did a great job on Route 79.”


    – Mark Rankin
    Senior Permit Specialist

    Missouri Department of Transportation
  • “…ERG has produced an excellent planning tool that will guide Helena through the next decade of open space management.”


    – Alice Stanley

    Helena Open Lands Management Advisory Committee – Helena, Montana
  • “Clearwater County totally recommends hiring ERG for management planning.”

    – David L. Ponozzo

    Board of County Commissioners – Clearwater County, Idaho
  • “ERG did an excellent job of incorporating ideas generated through the public process into the content of the CMP.”

    – Ralph A. Huesing

    Highway 79 Search Committee
  • “The Corridor Management Plan for Scenic Byway 79, which was created by Ecosystem Research Group, is one of the best that many folks have seen so far.”

    – Bertha Mae Taylor

    Clarksville, Missouri
  • “ERG produced a high-quality product on time and within budget”

    – Janene Caywood
    Associate Archaeologist

    Historical Research Associates
  • “I found working with your staff to be gratifying – they communicated very well, were professional, and approachable and knowledgeable on various subject matters.”

    – Rebecca Ridenour
    Lower Missouri Basin Monitoring Coordinator

    Montana Department of Environmental Quality – Helena, Montana
  • “It is delightful to work with an organization that embraces the public as a useful partner, rather than treating public involvement as just one more phase to get through.”

    – Jan Edelstein

    Citizens Transportation Coalition – Hailey, Idaho
  • “The professionals at ERG met and surpassed our lofty expectations…and importantly, did so in a fiscally responsible manner.”

    – Tom Troxel and Aaron Everett

    Black Hills Forest Resource Association
  • “I have been very satisfied with the performance of Ecosystem Research Group and would hire them again if the opportunity arises.”

    – Laurie Zeller

    Conservation Districts Bureau – Helena, Montana
  • “The ERG team was always willing to commit needed resources to meet difficult deadlines and produce high quality products.”

    – Susan V. Lee
    Vice President

    Aspen Environmental Group – San Francisco, California
  • “…thank you and your staff for your outstanding work in developing the Helena Open Lands Management Plan…”

    – Tim Burton and Randy Lilje
    City Manager and Director of Parks & Recreation respectively

    City of Helena – Helena, Montana
  • “…work was performed proficiently and on time.”

    – Arne Rosquist
    Forest Hydrologist

    USDA Forest Service – Northern Region
  • “ERG is highly reputable in several regards.”

    – J. Stephen Shelly
    Regional Botanist

    USDA Forest Service – Northern Region
  • “Specialists associated with ERG were well informed and familiar with the intimate details of their areas of expertise; including botany, ecology, wildlife biology, soil science, hydrology and fisheries”

    – Jodi Leingang
    Plant Ecologist and District NEPA Coordinator

    US Forest Service, Region 6, Naches District – Washington
  • “…the work ethic and dedication of this group was fantastic, we have received e-mail from them at 2:00 in the morning…They cannot be equaled in what they do.”

    – Don Russell, Keith Grant, and William Duncan
    Bighorn County Commissioners

    Bighorn County Commission – Wyoming
  • “ERG stands alone at the top on my list.”

    – Larry Hicks
    Natural Resources Coordinator

    Little Snake River Conservation District – Wyoming
  • “I found the ERG team to be easy to work with and very capable in all aspects of the planning process.”

    – Carol J. Cole
    Interpretive Specialist

    Sawtooth National Forest/Recreation Area – US Forest Service – Sun Valley, Idaho
  • “ERG’s character, people and technical skills, commitment to quality and their experience level in the industry is a plus to their clients and the northwest communities that they serve.”

    – Gus Peralta
    Project Engineering

    ConocoPhilips Transportation – Western Region
  • “…thank you for an outstanding job…”

    – Dan Bangeman

    Flathead Conservation District – Montana
  • “They produced consistent, excellent quality work and seemed willing to do whatever was necessary to complete the contracted task to my satisfaction.”

    – Gary Frank
    Resource Program Manager

    Forest Management Bureau – Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
  • “ERG brought invaluable credibility to the process.”

    – Terry Egenhoff
    Realty Specialist

    USDA Forest Service – Northern Region
  • “ERG was able to assist both the citizen-commissioners in articulating their concerns and input, and the Forest staff in understanding and utilizing that input, and a better Plan was the result.”

    – Bernard R. Bornong
    Planning Staff Officer

    USDA Forest Service
  • “ERG had the credibility and people skills to address elk/livestock issues in a manner that is bringing people together in the Elkhorns.”

    – Jerry Wells
    Elkhorn Conservation Initiative Director

    Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation – Missoula, Montana